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4 Ways You Can Use Instagram Ads To Grow Your Business

After the recent launch of Instagram ads, we’ve gathered some early learnings at Cuponation on the best way of utilizing this new powerful marketing platform which will be available in the Nordics towards to the end of September. In many ways, the launch of Instagram’s ad product resembles that of the mother company Facebook. From […]

How to boost your productivity

I bet you know the people who seem to be able to get a million things done every single day, and you have no idea what they do different. I am here to tell you some of the things that make some people extraordinarily productive while keeping others reactive and always a few steps behind. […]

Key points from my speech at Ecommerce Helsinki

Yesterday, I had the big pleasure of sharing my thoughts on how to win ecommerce this year at the Ecommerce Helsinki conference. At the conference, I spoke about how you need to look beyond your traditional marketing efforts to really do well and beat your competition. A lot of the thoughts are based on what […]

Instagram Ads are here: All you need to know

Think what you want, but no one doubted this would come. Instagram ads are being rolled out globally these days, and thereby extending the 18-month beta-version of the product they have been running in US and UK. Whether you’re a business looking to expand your reach and sales or a consumer hating the idea of […]