Key points from my speech at Ecommerce Helsinki

Yesterday, I had the big pleasure of sharing my thoughts on how to win ecommerce this year at the Ecommerce Helsinki conference.
At the conference, I spoke about how you need to look beyond your traditional marketing efforts to really do well and beat your competition. A lot of the thoughts are based on what we have done in Cuponation throughout the last year, and is something we strive to improve each and every day.

The topics I covered was:

1) The development of marketing: How we went from “oldschool” marketing efforts as banners in newspapers and radio spots to more sophisticated and highly analytical tools like Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. Now though, a lot of the marketing platforms used – be it Instagram (before ads), Snapchat or Periscope – have taken our analytical advantage down a notch again, therefore arguable we’re a bit back to “oldscool” marketing in the newest channels.
Also, I shared how sometimes you need to rethink your marketing efforts, much like how Cuponation and Ekstra Bladet built a common platform together in Denmark.

2) How and where you spend your marketing $$ this year: Most people in the room were still spending the majority of their marketing budget on TV and radio. In my opinion this is as wrong as it should be. Not because the platforms are not good, quite contrary. Simply because of the fact that no one watches TV commercials anymore. If they by random coincidence have them running, they are not looking at them, but rather at their smartphone. Therefore, I think the pricing for these platforms are way too high.

3) Lastly, I shared thoughts on how, specially as a startup, you need to make your “boring business” into a cool story. No one is really interested, and ads as we know them traditionally are rather expensive. If you can however convince people of the fact that you are an interesting company, that you have great people or that you serve your market much better than anyone can, you have a real shot at getting some genuine interest from the people you are trying to target. Whether it’s from PR, ads or social media, this is one of the most efficient ways to reach your target group as costless as possible.


Feel more than free to contact me for any further ideas on marketing in 2016!